Ceiling Spotlights & Bar Lights

Add a modern contemporary flair to your home with our range of fully adjustable ceiling spotlights and bar lights. Create the perfect ambience for your home, and illuminate your favourite areas of any room with ceiling spotlights. Shop our range and enhance the aesthetics of your home today!
Ceiling Spotlights & Bar Lights

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LED Ceiling Spotlights

Whether you are looking to add a traditional look to your room, or want a sleek modern design, ceiling spotlights are a perfect way to achieve this. Featuring a 350 degree rotation, our range of spotlights are perfect for any room; from kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms, to living rooms and even hallways. CGC Interiors also offer single spotlights or multiple spotlights to fit your needs.

With LED ceiling spotlights, you can also save on your energy bills whilst still providing excellent lighting options for your home. LED spotlights are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, but also provide you with ambient light to fit your needs.

Adjustable Bar Lights for Your Home

Add practical and effective focus lighting to your home with our range of bar lights. Perfect for focused task lighting due to the adjustable spotlight bars providing a focused beam to a specific area, these lights are perfect for study, work, or cooking, making them an ideal choice for kitchens, home offices and bedroom study areas. Featuring sleek and modern designs, the range of bar lighting at CGC Interiors are perfect for any home.

If you want even more lighting options for your home, check out our range of wall lights and floor lamps..

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between spotlights and downlights is the direction and flexibility of the light they provide. Downlights are installed in the ceiling and project light downwards, whereas spotlights can be fitted to the ceiling or wall-mounted, and they are more flexible, allowing you to guide the light and illuminate in the direction you want.

Some of the main aspects you should consider when deciding on a spotlight include the colour temperature you want (cool white or warm white), the size of the beam of light, the size and brightness of the bulb, and the voltage capacity you need (mains power or low capacity).

If you choose LED spotlights, they can be an extremely efficient choice. LED bulbs typically use less energy and produce less heat while emitting more light than the more traditional halogen and fluorescent light bulbs, which means they are a popular choice for energy cost savings.