Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2024

Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2024

Interior Design Trends 2024 are all about mixing different textures, colours and CGC Interiors products all in a contemporary, yet original way. We don’t need to interview leading interior designers, as that’s basically what we are, so you can rest assured that these design trends for 2024 are coming straight from the horse's mouth. 

So what interior design trends of 2024 do you need to be keeping an eye out for? It’s all about Scandinavian design mixed with a little maximalism. What is maximalism? Maximalism is a blend of different eclectic patterns and textures, with more of a bold ‘more is more’ philosophy. Scandinavian interior design involves your warm colours and whites, mixed with natural woods. 

We want to help you create the perfect living space; one in which you’re comfortable and can find peace and solace in, but also an environment that you’re proud enough of that you’ll love having family and friends over to admire your style, so read on!


Metal Lamps

Sounds a little garish right from the off for some people maybe? But we promise you, they’re stunning, trendy whilst also radiating warmth and cosiness. They’re hard exterior fits right in with the maximalist approach, being a tough material and bold in our colour range. We have a stunning variety of metal lamps, ranging from tall floor lamps to table lamps. Here’s a selection of metal lamps to purchase and kick start an interior design trend your friends and family will be envious of.

Can you see what we mean about the metal lamps being incredibly stylish, whilst fitting in with that Scandinavian interior design feel? The woods, the whites and creams, added with the metal lamps just go exquisitely together and they’re really affordable. 


Pendant Style Lamps

Another interior design trend for 2024 is a pendant style lamp, the more structural looking, the better! They have been a huge favourite in interior design trends 2023 across the world, and they’re here to stay for 2024. Pendant style lamps are usually hung from the ceiling, and they provide a gorgeous light, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We have a variety of pendant style lighting at CGC Interiors, we’ll share with you a few of our most popular pendant lamps of 2023.


White Lamps

If you're more of a minimalist with your interior design with your grey and white living areas, then we have the perfect white lamps to suit your style. Another interior design trend for 2024 is all about stripping back all colour completely, instead focusing on the style and shape and going for an all white lamp. A white lamp isn’t just about being a bare item in your home, instead they are all about being a featured sculpture in your room. Take a look at the below white lamps for example.


Textures and Colours

The paint experts such as Valspar, are all about blue tones for the upcoming interior design trends of 2024. Couple this with gold ceramics, and you’re absolutely sure to be flying when it comes to the latest interior design trends for your home. Like we mentioned above, maximalist interior design is using dominant colours (such as orange and blue shades), whilst mixing them with bold materials such as metal, wood and ceramics. 

These materials can be utilised in the form of your flooring in Scandinavian style wooden floors, or your sleeker looking white ceramic tiled floor. Whatever your personal preference, your home is going to look like it belongs in a housekeeping awards catalogue. You don’t just have to go as crazy as replacing your entire floor however, you can always use a mixture of textures and colours in your home furnishings such as lighting, rugs, ornaments, pictures, and a splash of paint for a feature wall. Essentially, it all comes down to you and what you like the look of, so we hope we have been able to provide you with some sources of inspiration to get you started.


CGC Interior Design Trends 2024

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