LED Emergency Lighting

Shop our wide range of LED emergency lighting for your building. From emergency signs to emergency downlights, keep your building up to date with emergency procedures with your lighting. Browse your options below.
LED Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in any commercial premises in the UK that is larger than 60 square metres, so you need to make sure that you have the correct LED emergency lights. CGC Interiors stock a range of emergency LED lights, from illuminated exit signs to emergency downlights, to ensure you’re keeping your building safe.

Our lights all contain 3 hour emergency battery back up, which will allow you to evacuate in an emergency situation. They all adhere to the correct regulations, and have LEDs integrated to ensure they are well lit up.

Keep your building safely illuminated with CGC Interiors.

Emergency LED Lights and More from CGC Interiors

To ensure you keep all your emergency exit areas sufficiently and safely lit, CGC Interiors sell a full range of LED lighting solutions. Our range includes LED flood lights, LED panel lights, LED bulkheads, LED wall packs, and more. Shop our full range of LED lighting solutions for your premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the UK, all emergency lighting must be operating at at least 1 lux. There must also be sufficient lighting for people to be able to leave the premises in an emergency situation.

LED emergency lights generally last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, depending on how well they are maintained and kept.

Emergency lighting should be installed in all common areas and escape routes, which should also be sufficiently lit. They should also be installed in any open space larger than 60 square metres, and within 2 metres of a fire alarm or fire extinguisher.