LED High Bays

Shop our range of LED high bays and light strips. Rated IP65, these lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and provide excellent even lighting. Browse our range of LED High Bays below.
LED High Bays

High Bay Lights

High bay lights, also known as UFO lights, are commonly used in spaces with high, lofty ceilings to provide even lighting throughout the whole space. Due to this, high bays are perfect for warehouses, factories, workshops, and showrooms.

CGC Interiors range of LED high bay lights come in a range of lumen outputs, from 13000 to 26000 lumens, to provide a range of lighting brightness to any building. Our LED high bays have a 6000K colour temperature, and have a range of outputs.

Hanging the high bay lights is also simple, with the hanging eyelet bolts included with all our lights.

LED High Bay Lights and More from CGC Interiors

CGC Interiors have a full range of LED lighting suitable for any space, indoor or outdoor. Our high-quality lights can help you to illuminate any space, and will give you the best lighting solution for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between low bay and high bay lights is the lumen outputs. Typically, LED high bays have higher lumen outputs to compensate for the larger distances they have to light over. High bays have an output of over 15000, whereas low bays are between 8000-15000.

The distance you need to place between high bay lights depends on the height of the ceiling.

Installation Height Normal Brightness High Brightness
Over 30 feet 25 ft spacing 20 ft spacing
20 to 30 feet 18 ft spacing 16 ft spacing
15 to 20 feet 14 ft spacing 12 ft spacing

LED high bays can last over 50,000 hours depending on how well they are maintained.