LED Battens

High-Quality LED Batten Lights From CGC Interiors

Our collection of LED battens has all of the batten light fittings that you could need. Battens are commonly used as LED garden lights, kitchen lights and also in commercial settings such as schools and hospitals. They offer uniformed lighting in an energy-efficient and therefore cost effective way.

We stock battens from as small as 2ft, as well as 3ft Led battens, 4ft LED batten lights and as large as 5ft LED batten lights So no matter how big your space is or how much light you want, our range has everything you need to meet your exact requirements and specifications.

As with all of our lighting products, our batten light fittings have been created using only the highest quality materials to ensure practicality and durability. These lights are commonly used in industries and tougher environments where quality is extremely important. We believe that quality is super important to ensure that our customers are always 100% happy.

Our range of LED batten lights is an extremely cost-effective lighting option. Not only are they inexpensive fittings with prices of as little as £9.99, but they are also extremely energy efficient and are therefore also extremely cost-effective to run.

Specially Sourced Lighting Fixtures

Each of our sourced products has been specially sourced by our team of professionals who have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Over this time our professionals have developed a keen eye for both quality and style. Therefore, you can expect amazing products when shopping with CGC Interiors.

Our LED battens are only a small part of our huge indoor lighting collection. We also stock wall lights, wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers. In addition to our incredible indoor lighting collection, we also have a huge outdoor lighting collection which features outdoor wall lights, solar lights,LED flood lights and so many more. So it does not matter whether you are trying to shine a light on your interior or exterior, our lighting collection has everything you could need.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Led battens will not get hot, this is because LED battens do not use mercury. This means that they produce less heat and use less energy.

Yes, LED battens are extremely cheap to run. This is because LEDs use far less energy than typical bulbs which therefore means that they are also very cost-efficient.

LED batten lights are far better than fluorescent tubes. This is because they are far more energy efficient and therefore cost-effective. LED battens are said to be around 65% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting.