Bathroom Wall Lights

Welcome to our collection of phenomenal bathroom wall lights here at CGC Interiors. We stock a huge range of stunning bathroom wall lights in all different styles, sizes, finishes and colours. Our extensive range is sure to have every bathroom wall lighting option that you could possibly need to add both style and practicality to your bathroom's interior. 

Bathroom Wall Lights

Brilliant Bathroom Wall Lights At CGC Interiors

Our whole collection has a range of different styles of wall lights designed for your bathroom. Bathroom lighting is hugely important for your home's interior, whether you are looking for bright light, ambient lighting or any other lighting choices it is hugely important for your interior to feel complete. Whatever lighting options you are seeking for your bathroom, our collection has you covered.

With modern bathroom wall lighting options such as our Gabi wall lights, bathroom lights above mirrors such as our Sass bathroom wall lights and bathroom vanity lights such as our Elena collection, our extensive range truly does have something for everyone. As phenomenal as these lighting fixtures are in your bathroom, their style and practicality can also be utilised in other interior spaces.

These bathroom wall lights are designed and created using the highest quality materials and finishes so that they not only look amazing in your interior but perform amazingly too. We want to ensure that each of our customers who purchase from our collection is always 100% happy.

Our collection also features something for all budgets. With bathroom wall lights from as little as £15.99 to as much as £69.99, you can be sure that our collection has something amazing within your budget.

Specially Sourced Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

A huge variety of our collections has been hand sourced by our brilliant team of professionals. Our specialists have over 25 years of experience and over that time have developed a keen eye for quality and style. All our other products have been designed and created in-house using the highest quality materials and to the highest possible standards.

Our lighting collection truly is huge, we do not just stock bathroom wall lights we also stock a much wider range of indoor lighting fixtures as well as outdoor lighting options. We have a wider range of bathroom lights such as bathroom ceiling lights bathroom mirror lights and also bathroom shaver lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as you follow the correct safety procedures then you can undoubtedly add wall lights to your bathroom. As long as you keep the lights outside of the IP zones then you can add them anywhere you want in your bathroom.

LED lights are the best type of light to use in a bathroom. This is because they use less voltage and therefore are more robust when met with steam and water. They also operate at much lower temperatures than normal bulls and are therefore safer in a bathroom.