Hanging Lights

Welcome to our brilliant collection of high-quality outdoor hanging lights. These stunning outdoor pendant lights will make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and can be a very simple yet effective way of elevating the aesthetic of your home exterior. We stock a range of hanging garden lights from hanging chain lantern lights to hanging light bulbs. So whether you are looking to add a full-on hanging light feature or some simple hanging lights to add a glow to your garden, we have everything you need.

Hanging Lights

High-Quality Hanging LED Light Bulbs, Wall Lanterns, String Lights & Light Pendants For Outdoor Use

Outdoor hanging lights have in recent years become extremely popular in homes all across the UK. The popularity of this amazing style of outdoor lights stems from its simplicity and versatility. While most people think of them as a brilliant garden feature for the summer months, they can be just as effective at creating a cosy environment in the colder months, making them perfect all year round.

The most common use for this style of garden lights is porch lights, hanging outdoor wall lights, or under some kind of gazebo or covered space where they can be secured. However, they are just as effective hanging overhead between lamp posts, bushes, fences or bollards as they are created to be robust and withstand the unpredictable weather that we often see in the UK.

All of our amazing hanging outdoor lights have been designed with the highest standards in mind and created with the highest quality materials. Each of them is also IP rated for use outdoors to ensure that they are perfectly designed for outdoor use.

What Kind Of Hanging Outdoor Lights Do We Stock? 

We stock a number of different styles of outdoor hanging lights all of which have their very own aesthetics and benefits. The main styles that we stock are:

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns - We stock a range of different beautiful clear glass hanging outdoor lanterns that can take your home’s exterior to a new level. These hanging lights are extremely popular and can be found in countless homes across the country. That is because these lights not only add a brilliant light source to a garden space but also an element of luxury that can be difficult to replicate.

Festoon Outdoor String Lights - Festoon outdoor string lights are the definition of small yet mighty. While these hanging lights may seem very simple, they produce a stunning glow and atmosphere that will transform any outdoor space. We stock a number of these different lights in a range of warmer colours, such as warm white, and a yellow glow as well as colourful lights which are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your home over the festive season.

Spotlights - Our hanging outdoor light range also features a range of spotlights. These amazing spotlights can act as extremely effective porch security lights or as simple porch ceiling lights which can help to light up the space for safety reasons. All of the spotlights have been designed beautifully and have a very sleek modern style that looks great when it is both in use and not.

The Finest Indoor & Outdoor Light Fixtures From CGC Interiors

Here at CGC Interiors, our lighting collections span far wider than our outdoor hanging lights. In fact, we stock over 3000 lighting and interior pieces which have all been designed and created to meet the high standards of our team and our customers. That is why we are now recognised as one of the leading lighting brands in the UK and have been around for over 25 years.

We have a huge range of stunning indoor lighting features such as stunning chandeliers,floor lamps, table lamps, and more as well as stocking our very own beautifully crafted lamp shades. Our outdoor lighting collection is just as impressive with a range of products such as solar lights, porch lanterns, post lights, motion sensor lights, driveway lights and so many more.

Why Choose CGC Interiors 

Over 3000 Lighting & Interior Products

We stock over 3000 different interior and lighting products that are all of the highest quality and can help elevate the aesthetic of your home. So no matter what style of lighting or interior feature want, our huge range of products has you covered.

High-Quality Materials

Each of our interior and lighting products has been designed to meet the highest standards while always using the highest quality materials to ensure longevity. This therefore allows us to be proud of every product we sell and be confident that our employers will be satisfied. 

Speedy Delivery

All of our products come with extremely speedy delivery. This means that your order will be delivered to your door within 2 working days.


Yes, all of our hanging outdoor lights are fully waterproof and weather-resistant. Each of the lights is IP-rated and is therefore designed and approved for outdoor use. This means that they can withstand the unpredictable and often wet weather that is common in the UK. You will therefore not have to worry about the lights getting wet or water getting inside the lights.

The Kelvin Scale

The Kelvin Scale

The most secure way of installing these outdoor hanging lists would be to use hooks and staples. This is a very simple yet secure method that will ensure that the lights do not get damaged in periods of windy weather. If you are hanging the lights overhead then you must always make sure that the lights are secured to the walls or any other sturdy surface within your garden.