LED Bulkheads

LED bulkhead lights are an efficient, economical, and low-maintenance lighting solution. They provide bright, uniform illumination that is perfect for internal and outdoor spaces such as corridors, stairwells, and public spaces. An LED bulkhead is an energy-efficient option and designed to last many hours of continuous use, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential applications. Have a look at our range of bulkhead light fittings below.
LED Bulkheads

High-Quality Indoor and Outdoor Bulkhead Lighting

High-quality bulkhead lighting is an essential component of any commercial or residential space. LED bulkhead lighting provides excellent illumination that is both bright and uniform in nature and provides superior illumination while simultaneously keeping your energy bill low.

Bulkhead Outdoor Lights

Illuminate any space easily with our range of LED bulkheads. External bulkhead lights provide ample light for a variety of outdoor applications, such as driveway lights, steps, large gardens, as an external security light, and more. With so many designs to choose from, we are sure to stock an LED light fitting that fits your home's aesthetics and style and can handle any weather situation.

Bulkhead Indoor Lights

We have a range of indoor bulkheads that will complement the look of any room. We have many contemporary or traditional functional LED bulkhead designs that will provide a well-lit space in your home and ensure years of use. Whether you are looking for a bulkhead light to illuminate your hallway, stairs, or any other area of your home or office, we have the right fit for you. We can also offer cool or warm bulkheads to provide soft or cooler lighting shades.

Why Choose CGC Interiors?

At CGC Interiors, we provide only the highest quality LED bulkhead lights for all your commercial and residential needs. We have a range of styles to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect bulkhead light for any space. Our lights are energy efficient and designed to last many hours of continuous use. We provide a speedy delivery service within two days, and we are highly recommended by our customers..

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulkhead light fixtures provide bright, uniform illumination to internal and outdoor spaces, such as corridors, stairwells, and public areas. These lights are an ideal choice for commercial and residential applications due to their energy efficiency and long-lasting durability. Bulkhead lights can be used to illuminate a wide range of areas, from pathways to doorways or stairwells. They can also be used as children's nightlights, providing extra lights and easy use.

Our most popular choices of LED bulkheads with motion sensors are the CGC BECCA Round, which is an ideal wall light for gardens, patios, porches, driveways, garages, and sheds. You could also opt for the CGC BECCA Oval With Motion Sensor, which has an elegant and modern oval design, a polycarbonate body with an opal diffuser, and a 25,000-hour life expectancy.

Yes we do, you can view our entire range here.