5 Steps To A Cosier Home In 2024

5 Steps To A Cosier Home In 2024

How to make a home cosy? Everyone wants to create a cosier home environment and this article will detail multiple ways that you can do just that! In just a few short steps, you will have an image of the perfect cosy home in your mind's eye, and be ready to get productive in bringing these trending home ideas to reality. With simple and affordable living products at CGC Interiors, our mission is to help you create a living space that you’re comfortable in and proud to show off.


Autumn/Winter 2023 Cosy Living Room Trends

If you’re looking for some inspiration for cosy living room trends then you’ve definitely come to the right place. At CGC Interiors, we’re not just about selling home products to enhance your living spaces, but we’re also experts in interior and exterior design! 

Let’s start with the setting of your room you want to make a cosy hole for you to slumber down in of an evening. We will assume you’ve already got your colour scheme in place, usually to create a cosy atmosphere, you’d have chosen warm tones such as your creams, beiges and browns. But now you’re looking for that little bit of extra cosiness to add into your setting. We’ll start with lighting, as lighting is key to creating a cosy ambience in any room whether indoors or outdoors.


Cosy Living Room Ideas #1: Lighting Your Rooms to Perfection

Lighting is such an important part of creating a cosy living room or other living space in your home. In theatre, lighting is used to enhance the experience of the viewer eliciting emotions by simply configuring the speed and brightness. Of course, you don’t want your living space to feel like you’ve been cast in a West End Show, but we just wanted to highlight how important lighting is in creating a perfect scene for the intent of the audience. 



For cosy lighting in your home, we would recommend darker lampshades, with a warm lighting bulb. You will want to avoid any LED type lighting, as these are just too bright and stark for a living area that you are trying to make into a cosy space! They are, however, amazing for security purposes in your outdoor areas.

Check out our extensive range of Outdoor LED Flood Lights here

A favourite of ours is the TAMMY Pleated Velvet Grey Lampshade which also comes in other warm shades. We find that the colours we have available, as well as the soft velvet material of the lampshade adds to a cosy feel in your home.


Wall Lights 

Lamp shades aren’t the only form of lighting we recommend for the perfect cosy home. We recommend inserting some dynamics with your lighting choices. Such as high level (ceiling lights), mid level (such as wall lights) and lower level lighting (such as lamps), as a combination help to create that cosy feeling you’re looking for. 

The right wall lights will set off that cosy feel perfectly. Below are three of our trending products and you can see why. They’re absolutely beautiful, unique in looks, and will instantly add that warmth to your living space.


Table Lamps

These are the perfect addition to any home due to their versatility. For one, they’re portable, so you can move them to any part of your home, whenever you want. And secondly, you can turn all other lights off in your room except the lamp to create a dark slumber. We can see you now curled up on your sofa with a good book and a cosy throw, absolute bliss! Here is a handy link to our 

Table Lamps

section for you to browse.



CGC Interiors Favourite String Lights

The hanging JOY Vintage Festoon String Lights. They’re just wonderful in creating that trendy, yet cosy living room look. And they’re super affordable. Visitors to your home will be asking where you got them from, and you can tell them exactly where. We’ll allow that!


Cosy Living Room Ideas #2: Heating

You can’t possibly feel cosy and comfortable in your living room or anywhere else for that matter if you’re feeling the chill, and your bog standard white radiator just doesn’t cut it when it comes to creating a cosy space. Sure they keep you warm, but they look pretty dull don’t they. 

We have a great selection of heated mirrors that we recommend adding to your home. They’re infrared, and instead of only heating a section of the room, the infrared function enables the heat to travel across all areas of your room. You could also hang some warm fairy lights around it for that extra cosy umph.


Cosy Living Room Ideas #3: Home Furnishings

Everybody loves a trip to B&M, John Lewis or other similar home furnishing stores! Don’t you try to deny it now. These shops sell an abundance of products that help add to creating a cosy living space. Think the likes of purchasing:

  • Fluffy Rugs
  • Throw Pillows
  • Throws 
  • Lanterns and Candles
  • Curtains
  • Pampas Grass and Plants
  • Pictures and Ornaments


Cosy Living Room Ideas #4: Ambience

Ahhhh, that beautiful waft of a cinnamon or vanilla candle burning quietly in the corner. You can’t beat the feeling of chilling out on your sofa after a long day, with a scented candle crackling away in the background. 

Or a fireplace, whether it be a digital fireplace or an old fashioned log burning one, a fireplace really does scream ‘this is a cosy home!’.

Music is also a great way to create ambience in your living space, whether you like the look of a vintage phonograph or your high-tech version of digital music in a walnut-coloured Amazon Echo, music is a magnificent addition to cosiness (being mindful of the genre to create that cosiness!).


Cosy Living Room Ideas #5: Personality 

Finally, you need to not just follow the latest cosy living room trends to get your ideal space or you’ll just end up feeling like you’re living in a showroom in IKEA (which are so good you can sometimes forget they’re not real!). You need to make your own mark in your home in order for it to feel cosy. So whilst all of our ideas will work amazingly well in helping you to create a perfect cosy home, they won't cut the mustard alone without you injecting your own personality into it. 

What we mean by adding your own personality to your room is adding things that you love and having a passion for. These could be ideas such as family photographs, memories of trips you’ve been on, your hobbies such as reading, so add a walnut coloured bookshelf and pop in your favourite books to hunker down to. Or adding a rustic style chess board. You see what we’re getting at? Your personality must be part of your living space in order for it to feel like the perfect happy cosy home.


Get 2023 Living Room Trends This Season with CGC Interiors

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