The Rise Of The Egg Chair & Why They Became So Popular?

The Rise Of The Egg Chair & Why They Became So Popular?

If you’ve never even heard of an egg chair then we will try to describe what it is. It’s an outdoor garden chair shaped like an egg! They are an egg shaped cocoon which hangs from a sturdy frame, allowing you to make the most of your lazy days and curl up inside with a book or a bit of a snooze. We have a beautiful extra large egg chair in our collection.


Why is the Egg Chair so Popular?

The egg chair first came about over half a century ago by a Scandinavian interior designer named Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen. It’s easy to see why the egg chair is a popular choice of garden furniture isn’t it? It looks great with its unique egg shaped look, it’s different, not everybody will have one of these! It’s very cosy and you can just imagine swinging softly into a garden doze within minutes. 

The egg chair is popular all over the world, not only used in households but you’ll find restaurants, bars and spas have them dotted about the place to ensure their guests get the ultimate relaxing experience. You can have that too in the comfort of your own home. We know we mentioned they’re mainly used as an outdoor chair, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it  indoors too, obviously apart from the space you have available as they are quite large.


Purchase Our CGC Egg Chair

At CGC we have one egg chair in our catalogue. It’s always a very popular product of ours and sells out quite quickly.

Product information

Our extra large luxury egg chair is available with two choices of cushion colours; cream or grey.


Chair Size: Length:  43" / 117 cm

                   Width:   27" / 95 cm

                   Depth:  36" / 74 cm


Overall Size: Length: 37.2" / 95 cm

                      Width:  37.2" / 95 cm

                      Height: 77" / 194.5 cm


Overall Weight: 64 lbs / 29 kg

Maximum Load: 330 lbs / 150 kg 


We currently have an amazing end of summer sale on our egg chair with it being our lowest ever price that we’ve offered! Click here to visit the egg chair product page and get yours before we run out!


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