5 Ways to Create A Cosier Outdoor Area Using Lights

5 Ways to Create A Cosier Outdoor Area Using Lights


There are many ways you can create a cosy outdoor space using your furniture, but you can also achieve this effect using lights alone. Many outdoor lights are designed to help you create ambience and mood in your garden, and they can achieve the cosy feel you want as the weather starts getting better and we all start spending more time outside.

Creating A Cosy Outdoor Space

Creating a cosy outdoor space is a great way to extend your home decorating style into your garden, and it can really tie a property together. You can tailor your outdoor space to the style of your house, or you can create a space based on your personal tastes, either way, your lighting choices can make a huge impact on the vibe of your garden.

A cosy outdoor space is also great for all seasons- whether that’s late evenings in the garden after a barbecue in the Summer, or a cosy night of stargazing around a fire in the Winter, your garden is a vital part of entertaining and spending time alone. So making it a cosy space for you is important, and lights can help pull the whole design together.

The 5 Best Ways to Create A Cosy Outdoor Area Using Lights

Myah inground lights provide a sophisticated approach to outdoor illumination, with the potential to highlight pathways, al fresco areas, and stairs for a handsome aesthetic.


  • Add floor level lighting
  • From lighting posts in your garden to installing decking lights, floor level lighting can help you create mood lighting as well as illuminating your garden in a soft, natural way. Post lighting can also complement any design style, from vintage inspired lantern lights, to modern posts, this style of lighting is perfect for any space.

    Decking and driveway lighting is another great way to add lighting to your floor level, and the placement of decking lighting can really elevate your space and make it stand out. Add LED spotlights to any decking steps to add a unique twist to standard floor level lighting.



  • Light up awnings or walls with hanging lights
  • There are so many ways to use hanging lights to create a cosy outdoor space in your garden. Festoon outdoor string lights, for example, can be used to transform your space. The best thing about these lights is that they are simple yet they pack a punch, and they can add a warm or cool glow to any garden space.

    Outdoor hanging lanterns are perfect for giving your garden a luxury feel, and they can be used as feature lighting in your outdoor space- whether you choose to hang them from a gazebo, or add them to a wall.

    If you’re looking for a modern take on a traditional outdoor wall light, this glass coach wall light is perfect for adding style and protection for your home. This classic lantern light is designed with a contemporary twist, styled with a cuboid shape and fitted with glass windows that allow the light to shine effectively. 


  • Add ambience to your entire garden with outdoor wall lights
  • Whilst people may think that outdoor wall lights are used solely for security, they can actually add a great level of ambience to any garden, and they are especially beautiful in smaller gardens where you will be sitting close to the wall.

    Outdoor wall lights are also a great way to create a warm and inviting feel to your garden, and the more traditional style of lights can also add a timeless quality to your garden decor whilst still looking stylish.


    Our Lara black solar outdoor post light would look perfect in a modern or more traditional home design. Outside post lights can provide atmospheric light in your garden, at the front door or on the terrace as well as a great security solution. It is designed for durability and longevity with its robust polycarbonate material producing a fully weatherproof and water resistant light.

  • Add solar power lighting around the garden
  • Work with the elements by adding your own solar-powered lights to your garden. These lights can add a beautiful look to your outdoor space, and because they work in line with the sun, they are perfect for adding a warm and cosy glow to those long Summer nights.

    These lights are also perfect for energy efficiency, as the sun does all the powering up work for you, so they can also help you save on your energy bills.


    If you’re looking for a modern take on a traditional outdoor wall light, this black lantern  wall light with clear diffuser is perfect for adding style and protection for your home. This classic design with a contemporary twist, styled with a metal lantern shape and fitted with clear polycarbonate diffusers that allows the light to shine effectively.  This product also contains an imposing black finish, making it ideal for any home design - adding a statement to any wall it fits in


  • Highlight certain areas of your garden as they are entered
  • A final way you can illuminate your garden is to add motion sensor lights to spotlight areas of your garden where you’re spending time. Imagine inviting guests to spend an evening in your garden, and the area you’re using lighting up as you enter? It will give you and your guests a nice surprise, and it will highlight your favourite areas of your outdoor space.

    Using LED Lights to Complement Your Decorating Style

    For a great way to complement your decorating style, you can’t go wrong with LED lights. These lights have a wider range of colour temperatures than traditional lights, and so they can help create the right lighting temperature to match your personal tastes. 

    You can use LED outdoor lights to give your home a warm vintage light if you are in a more traditional house or countryside cottage, or a cool light to accentuate a modern style building. LED outdoor lights are truly the most versatile style of light for decor.

    Other Ways to Create A Cosy Outdoor Area

    As well as using outdoor lights, you can also create a cosy outdoor area using garden furniture, soft furnishings, and greenery. Garden furniture can be used to create an area for entertaining, and you can set up this area with items like sofas, fire pits and patio furniture.

    You can also use soft furnishings to make any area feel more cosy, and this is also true for your garden. Add a cosy touch using cushions, blankets and throws, or even thin curtains lit with fairy lights, which will give you an extra warm feeling.

    Your outdoor lights can help accentuate these areas, and they can be used to draw focus to the areas you wish to use for entertaining. Lights are a huge part of making any area feel warm and cosy, and this is especially true for your garden.

    Create A Cosier Outdoor Area Using Lights from CGC Interiors

    At CGC Interiors, we sell a wide range of outdoor lights that will make your outdoor space feel cosy whilst still keeping in tone with the modern home look that many prefer in their designs. From outdoor post lights and hanging lights, to decking lights and solar-powered lights, our range can add ambience to every garden and outside space.

    Discover our extensive range of outdoor lighting today, and create your perfect outdoor space to enjoy year-round.

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