Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Those Late Summer Nights

Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Those Late Summer Nights

Summer is the best time of year to spend time in your garden. From the warm, sunny afternoons to the golden hours and evenings spent entertaining, we spend a lot of time outdoors. Even though the days last a long time, there’s still plenty of time when we need to add lighting in our gardens so that we can carry on entertaining into the night. 

That’s where outdoor lights come in. Your outdoor lights can add the perfect level of ambience you need in your garden when entertaining on any Summer evening. 

Best Outdoor Wall Lights for Summer Nights

Your outdoor wall lights can be vital in setting the tone for your garden, and this is especially important in the Summer when we’re entertaining. So ensuring you choose the right wall lights is important. 

Outdoor spotlight wall lights can be a great tone-setter for those who choose a modern look in their home design. These sleek and chic lights offer a stylish look, whilst also providing an atmospheric feel to your garden. Our outdoor wall spotlights have the flexibility for you to choose which bulb, wattage, lumen output, and colour temperature you require, making them a unique and bespoke solution. 

For those with a more traditional style home, vintage style outdoor wall lights are perfect for adding that classic glow to your exterior. Coach lanterns are ideal for this, as they can add a stylish touch whilst not looking out-of-place with your brickwork.

As well as adding ambience to your garden when you are spending evenings outside, outdoor wall lights also add safety and security to your exterior. This can be important in Summer as we are more likely to stay outdoors late into the night when it gets dark, so ensuring you have a light on your walls is key.

Best Lights for Outdoor Evenings in the Garden

One of the best lighting styles for your garden is hanging lights. As with wall lights, outdoor hanging lights come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be hung anywhere, from decking to trees to structures and patios you have in your garden. 

Festoon Lights

For the ultimate in garden entertainment, you can’t go wrong with festoon lights. Festoon outdoor string lights are the definition of small yet mighty. While these hanging lights may seem very simple, they produce a stunning glow and atmosphere that will transform any outdoor space. 

We stock a number of festoon lights in a range of warmer colours, such as warm white, and a yellow glow as well as colourful lights to add a pop of colour to your garden. What’s even better is that our festoon lights can stretch up to 9 metres total in length, which makes them perfect for any size garden.

Post & Spike Lights

Post lights are extremely versatile lights to have in the garden. Small posts can add some low-level lighting, which is perfect for ambience, and taller ones can add eye-level lighting options that many other styles of lights don’t offer. 

With many design options, from sleek and modern, to vintage, kitschy and traditional, post lights can be a great way to add accents to your garden and provide a bistro/cafe terrace feel to your garden. 

Decking Lights

Decking lighting is great for outdoor entertaining. It provides sometimes often needed floor level lighting, and it can be useful for uplighting certain areas of your garden too, making them stand out and look fantastic. 

Whether you want to enhance and illuminate an area, or simply make sure your guests are safe when it gets dark, decking lighting can add another dimension to your lighting options.

Our Top Tips for Outdoor Lighting in Your Garden

When you are spending your Summer evenings in the garden, whether that’s with your partner, family, friends, or hosting a Summer BBQ or party, your lights need to create the right atmosphere to set the tone for your evening, as well as being functional. Making sure you get it right important in setting this tone. 

Here are our top tips to make the most out of your garden lighting:

  • Use multiple levels of lighting to create balance
  • Don’t just concentrate on the immediate area you’re going to be sitting in; add accent lighting throughout the garden
  • Make sure to add lighting for safety too- motion sensor lights rae great for this as they won’t constantly be switched on
  • Add warmer lighting for a cosy glow and cool lighting to make you feel like the daylight is lasting longer
  • Make sure you place your floor level lighting to avoid glare- take note of where people will sit

Outdoor Lighting Options from CGC Interiors

At CGC Interiors, we offer a full range of lighting options for your outdoor lighting needs. From post lights to driveway lights, and solar lights to LED lights, our range is ideal for lighting any garden, big or small.

Discover how you can use your lighting to enjoy late nights in the garden all Summer long with the fantastic range of outdoor lighting from CGC Interiors.

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