Outdoor Fire Pits: The New Winter Garden Trend of 2024

Outdoor Fire Pits: The New Winter Garden Trend of 2024

Have you noticed how the UK seasons are all a bit out of sync? We seem to get summer just when we think it’s over, and the freezing depths of winter no longer visit us in November time, as we’re usually still shivering in snow and minus temperatures in March and April. 

Anyway, enough of the introductory geography lesson, and onto the main point of this article. With the milder nights stretching through Autumn and well into winter, wouldn’t it be nice to make use of your garden area for a little bit longer? It doesn’t have to be all about boarding up your doors and windows to hibernate from September to March. We have the perfect solution which will enable you to enjoy your outdoor space once the calendar hits September.

The solution: purchasing an outdoor fire pit. Hear us out…

Reasons You Absolutely Need A Fire Pit for Your Garden

The pandemic saw a lot of us spending more time at home, and the gorgeous weather at the time allowed us to get outside into our gardens a little more than what we usually would. Market trends during this time saw astronomical sales increases in outdoor plants, trees, and outdoor lighting and furniture, evidencing that a lot of people took this opportunity to reinvent their gardens. 

People use their gardens as an extension of their home. Some people use it for a social setting, whilst others enjoy creating a peaceful environment for themselves. Whatever you use your garden for, an outdoor fire pit fits into every garden ideal. Let’s explore some reasons why you absolutely should have one of our luxury fire pits as part of your garden area this winter.



Everybody loves a little bit of ambience in their home by the use of candles and low lighting (we also sell beautiful wall lights by the way). Good news is that you can recreate that warm glow outside with one of our patio fire pits. Imagine you’re outside curling up on your outdoor furniture, the sun is setting, you’ve got your cosy throw and a glass of wine (or cuppa!), and you can stare into the glowing embers of your new fire pit. It’s the perfect outdoor accessory for your garden this autumn and winter, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Our fire pits are exceptionally reasonably priced and you can head over to browse our other outdoor heating selection here.



Not only does a patio fire pit radiate that ambient glow, it obviously is going to help keep you warm and snug, making buying one another great reason! It doesn’t use gas or electricity, just your old fashioned wood and coal, so you can also have fun getting that fire glowing to warm yourself and your guests up.


Exterior Design

How do you make your garden look expensive on a budget? Luckily for you we have all the right products to help you achieve your ideal garden look. We’re specialists in outdoor and indoor lighting products, and we have all kinds of lights in our extensive catalogue from authentic lantern style wall lights to the more modern, sleek looking chrome varieties. We have a great blog below which may give you some inspiration for your outdoor lighting needs. 

How to light your outdoor space this winter

Exterior design isn’t just about outdoor lighting though, it’s about layers, textures,  colours and products you can buy to help give your garden character whilst also being functional. At CGC Interiors we have outdoor heating, lighting, egg chairs and 3 in 1 fire pits which can all add to creating an expensive looking garden without breaking the bank.

See what our customers say here along with some pictures of our products in their homes!



Our 3 in 1 patio fire pits serve as a source of warmth and ambience, as well as a BBQ for those social gatherings. A fire pit has historically been a place for hunter-gatherers to all crowd around to cook, get warm and socialise and through the ages this tradition has not changed. We have a selection of three luxury fire pits for you to choose from. What are you waiting for? Give your friends and family a call and impress them with your new fire pit. Just be sure to let them know where you got it from! Wink.



Finally, another great reason to have a patio fire pit in your garden is for mindfulness. Create that calm, serene atmosphere, forget the busy day and have some time to get some headspace. It’s important to try and get some relaxation time each day to avoid burnout, and we think lighting a fire pit and sitting out in the fresh air of the night is the perfect way to achieve some mindfulness time.


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