Modern Outdoor Wall Lights

Exterior wall lights contain lots of aesthetic appeal, and our selection of outdoor wall lights provide style and functionality.

Wall lights are ideal for adding extra layers of security, while also providing an ideal, fantastic look for your home’s exterior. Whether it might be your garden, front porch or backyard, you can redecorate that area’s outdoor lighting with high-quality modern wall lights from CGC Interiors.

Check out our range of modern outdoor wall lights!

Modern Outdoor Wall Lights

Modern Wall Lights For Houses & Gardens

All homes carry a specific style or look, and this can be found in their interior and exterior spaces. An outdoor wall light only enhances the aesthetics of your home, as they’re used as accent lighting to bring out the form of your beautiful housing.

CGC Interiors’ range of outdoor LED wall lights are also useful for illuminating gardens, highlighting the natural beauty found in the plants you have and other features your garden holds.

The Highest Quality Outdoor Wall Lights In the UK

High-grade outdoor wall lights can bring out an accented light to enhance the look of your home exterior. At CGC Interiors, we only offer the highest quality modern wall lights suitable for outdoor use in the UK. On top of efficient lighting solutions, our selection also boasts a variety of styles and features that range from traditional lantern-style lighting to modern cylinder wall lights.

If you want other options, we also have convenient selections such as smart lights and LED flood lights.

Wall Lights FAQs

Like with any lighting solution, proper fixtures and appropriate installation services can ensure that your wall lights will stay on the wall.

The right size of your outdoor wall lights should be divided using the height of your front door by ⅓ and ¼. Look for a light fixture that measures a third or fourth the height of your front door. This will provide the ideal size so your light fixture will look appropriately sized for your home.

Yes! Our outdoor wall lights are weatherproof with the relevant IP ratings for outdoor use.